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Professional Development Award in Decision Making and Innovation

Are you looking at enhancing your decision making skills and contribute to innovative aspects of your organisation’s activities?

Then this Decision Making and Innovation course is for you!


This NATIONALLY-ACCREDITED course is designed to enable you to make proposals and take decisions about innovation in an organisation. It offers developmental opportunities to managers in all types of organisations FROM ANY SECTOR.

This is a PRACTICAL QUALIFICATION where you will relate theory to practice, particularly to your own organisation or your own experience. It will help you to think about how theory can inform what you do in the way you make decisions and how you can promote innovation within your organisation.

Even if you are not yet in a higher level management role, after completing this course, you will have much experience to draw on in this course. You should also be able to draw lessons which will directly benefit you as your career progresses.

This course will be especially beneficial if you belong to one of the following sectors, as decision making and innovation will feature as a key part of your managerial work:
Management, Nursing, Healthcare, Manufacturing/Production, Charity/Voluntary, Financial, Retail and Research

How will this course benefit me

This course will:

  • provide you with the skills and knowledge to make proposals and take decisions about innovation in organisations
  • enable you to get into the habit of reviewing decisions you have made and refining and developing your approach in line with your experience
  • enable you to develop your skills in decision making and contribute to the process of promoting and introducing innovative ideas in an organisation
  • give you an in-depth understanding of the differences and links between creativity, innovation and change and their continued importance to organisational success
  • enable you to develop an approach to decision making based on an analysis of recognised decision making models
  • develop and enhance your skills in Problem Solving that is planning and organising, critical thinking, and reviewing and evaluating. You will especially adopt a high level of critical and creative thinking as you compare recognised models of decision making and the outline alternative approaches

When you enrol with us you will be eligible for 1 year free studying membership with CMI (Chartered Management Institute). This will allow you access to a range of management information, tools and support materials.


On successful completion, you will receive a Nationally-Recognised certificate titled “Professional Development Award in Decision Making and Innovation”. This award is jointly certificated by CMI (Chartered Management Institute) and SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority). This accredited award stands at SCQF Level 9 (equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree) within the national framework portfolio.

In addition to the course certificate, you will also get a Certificate of Recognition of your demonstrable skills and knowledge from APeducation Online.

Mode of study



6 months

Course fee

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How you can enrol for this course

To enquire about fees and the special offer contact us today on 02086588536, 02082496340 or email us at info@apeducationonline.co.uk