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Course title: Leadership in your area of responsibility

Brief description
This course is about you as a leader. Nowadays, leadership is considered to be an important part of being a manager. This course covers providing direction to the people you are responsible for in your area or part of your organisation. It is also about you motivating and supporting them to achieve their visions and objectives and those of the organisation.

Topics covered

  • Differences between management and leadership
  • Develop a compelling vision in your area of responsibility
  • Understand the various leadership styles and apply these to different scenarios and people
  • Gathering and evaluating feedback on your leadership performance
  • Identify and overcome the difficulties and challenges that may arise within a manager’s area, such as including conflict, diversity and inclusion
  • Encourage others to take the lead
  • Empower people effectively

Duration: 4 hours    Learning mode: Online    Cost: £40.00 + vat

Course title: Successful Leadership for your team

Brief description
This CPD course is about your leadership responsibilities to direct, motivate and support your colleagues to achieve both team and personal work objectives. It also includes difficulties and challenges, as well as creativity and innovation within teams.

Topics covered

  • Effective communication within a team
  • SMART objectives
  • Set and involve team members in the planning and achievement of team
  • Demonstrate how personal work objectives contribute to achievement of team objectives
  • Select and apply different methods of motivating and supporting team members and recognising their achievements
  • How to encourage others to take the lead and how to achieve this
  • The benefits of encouraging and recognising creativity and innovation within a team

Duration: 4 hours   Learning mode: Online   Cost: £40.00 + vat

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