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Course title: Inspire innovation within your area of responsibility

Brief description
This course is about innovation and is concerned with how you can actively encourage and implement new ideas in your area of responsibility, however large or small that area may be. This innovation will be based on new ideas coming from people who work in your area, including yourself.

Topics covered

  • Differences between creativity and innovation
  • Select and apply a range of methods to motivate people to generate and develop ideas
  • The significance of communication in innovation
  • Identify and remove potential obstacles to creativity and innovation
  • Manage risk in innovation
  • Unlock creativity in yourself and your team

Duration: 4 hours   Learning mode: Online   Cost: £40.00 + vat

Course title: Problem-solving and decision-making

Brief description
In this course you will examine the technical management skills of problem solving and decision making. You may be required to make decisions on a wide range of areas in order to deal with the changes you might encounter or wish to initiate. Many of the problems you encounter and decisions you make will be fairly routine, while others will be novel and will require considerable creativity to address. These aspects will be examined in these topics.

Topics covered

  • Types of problems and decisions
  • Structured problem-solving and decision-making
  • The problem-solving process
  • Creative approaches to problem-solving and decision-making
  • The Manager’s role in decision-making

Duration:2 hours   Learning mode: Online   Cost: £30.00+vat

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